1976: The Beaufort Charities Invitational Golf Tournament was held on the weekend after Mothers Day and was originally called "The Heart Fund". Participating golf courses throughout the state of SC donated a day of golf. Players chose a course and paid $10 for a round of golf and their scores were handicapped and turned in to central scoring. All the proceeds from the event went to "The Heart Fund".  The newly established Ocean Point Golf Course on Fripp Island was the Beaufort area participating course due to the efforts of local brother PGA Professionals, Ev and Byron Comstock. all proceeds were donated to "The first 4 years it was played at Lady's Island Country Club. 


1980: After four years with the highest turn out and recording breaking net proceeds by the Beaufort Tournament, the Heart Fund approached Tournament Chairmans Buster Davis and Woody Oakley and asked them to share with them their model of success.  At this time, the decision was made to make the event a full 2 day golf tournament and incorporate evening functions.    


1989: Tournament Chairman's Paul Barber and Walter Daniels separated the tournament from the Heart Fund and changed our name to "The Beaufort Charities."  This was precipitated by the fact that the national Heart Fund organization was directing all the annual net proceeds outside of Northern Beaufort County.  Paul and Walter had the forsight and vision to see we needed to be directly involved with our local need organizations in Northern Beaufort County and to govern our own event.


1991: The Beaufort Charities Board of Directors was created and all net proceeds were handled through "A Restricted Fund Account of The United Way of Beaufort County", which in effect made us partners with the United Way.  Our Board of Directors was formed with a Mission Statement of: “The Beaufort Charities is a philanthropic organization focused on generating funds to be specifically used for local need organizations which possess a worthy objective and program of service in Northern Beaufort County.”


1995: Paul, Walter, and our Board of Directors again changed our name to "The Beaufort Charities Invitational, Inc." and incorporated ourselves as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  In addition, we established "By-Laws" and outlined the election process for our Board of Directors. There were no adverse feelings between us and "The United Way of Beaufort" and to this day we still maintain a good working relationship with them.  We simply wanted to govern ourselves and our finances. 


2015: Tournament Chairman, Christian Sherbert and Board of Directors Chairman, Jimmy Boozer, established a merger between the St. Peters Catholic School Oyster Roast and Micro-Brew Festival and The Beaufort Charities which brought both organizations under our existing By-Laws and 501(c) 3.  


2015: Tournament Chairman, Christian Sherbert, established the "Clubs for Kids" event as a one day introduction to golf for Beaufort youths under the age of 12.   Open registration for the first 100 kids who then receive a day of golf instuction by local and touring pros as well as a set of golf clubs.