1. Two man better ball Net ~ Handicapped division

  2. Two man better ball Gross ~ NO Handicap division

  3. Overall team net winner

  4. Overall team gross winner

  5. Individual gross winner 


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2020 Rules Sheet

To drink at the Daiquiri Hole you will need a Beaufort Charities issued WRIST BAND.  Each Player will receive 2 wrist bands with his entry fee. If you need additional wrist bands they may be purchased on site at the Daiquiri Hole each day for $30 per Wrist Band per person and at the evening events for $40 per Wrist Band per person per Event.  It is more economical to purchase a "PORCH PASS" for $150 per Person.






The 2020 Beaufort Charities weekend kicks off with registration and a putting contest at the Ocean Point putting green and then moves across the street to the Ocean Point pool for refreshments by Lee Distributors and Bill's ABC,and Frogmore Stew by Cooking Just for Fun.


Friday and Saturday Shotguns ~ 7am & 1pm


Awards Banquet at the Ocean Point pool from 8 pm until 12 midnight with refreshments by Lee Distributors and Bill's ABC and food by Cooking Just for Fun.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

9 am - 3 pm      

Make your own tee times (838-1521).

Practice Round ~ $42


3 pm - 7 pm      

Registration at the Ocean Point driving range with a putting contest for an EZ-GO 4-seater golf cart.


7 pm - 12 pm    

Ocean Point Pool with Cooking Just for Fun Frogmore Stew dinner, refreshments by Lee Distributors and Bill's ABC, and live music by 

Friday, May 15, 2020

7 am - 10 am    

Breakfast hosted by .


7 am - 1 pm      


11 am - 3 pm    

Lunch hosted by Cooking Just for Fun and served by AMVETS at the Ocean Point driving range.

9 pm to 12 pm   

The Mighty Kicks performs at the Ocean Point Pool with refreshments by Lee Distributors and Bill's ABC.



Saturday, May 16, 2020

7 am - 10 am    

Breakfast hosted by 


7 am - 1 pm 


11 am - 3 pm    

Lunch hosted by Cooking Just for Fun and served by AMVETS at the Ocean Point driving range.


8 pm to 11 pm  

Awards Ceremony at Ocean Point pool with LUAU dinner by Cooking Just for Fun and refreshments by Lee Distributors and Bill's ABC, with music by