Starting as a convenient place for beer carts and for non-players to heckle the golfers, Hole #11 began simply as a gathering place.  Then one day in 1991 someone had the idea to bring out a blender and make a Daiquiri.  At that point it was game on.  


Bills ABC officially became the sponsor in 1995 and the Daiquiri Hole began to take on a life of it's own.  The Daiquiri Hole now hosts spectator tents, bleachers, live radio coverage by 103.1 and 104.9, and of course the now infamous Daiquiri Tent.  It is not uncommon to see some of the players better halves break out into a dance or a Daiquiri induced sing along.


Some things you plan for and some things just happen.  We would like to say we planned for the Daiquiri Hole, but sometimes the greatest things are unplanned.  Who knows where it will take us to next!







To drink at the Daiquiri Hole you will need a Beaufort Charities issued WRIST BAND.  Each Player will receive 2 wrist bands with his entry fee. If you need additional wrist bands for the daquiri hole they may be purchased for:

 $30 per Day